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20th Reunion - Update #2 PDF Print
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 13:34

Two new updates, the first regarding football tickets & the tailgater and the second is about hotel rooms:

Football tickets & Tailgater

The class tailgater will be held in the 1953 Pavillion, which means that you will need to purchase a football game ticket to attend the tailgater. This also means real restrooms and not porta-potties. Per Kit:

We are all set for tickets in the NAAA queue, but they don't put them on sale until mid to late Feb. Seats in section C and D are reserved in a block of 850 total for our class - $50 each - purchased online or over the phone directly from NAAA. They cannot/will not divide by company or other smaller group. General Admission will also be available (standing room, no seat reserved) at a cheaper price point ($25-$35) but these cannot be reserved and will be available on first come first served basis.
Hotel Room Update

An Update on the Hotel reservations:

Sheraton Annapolis: In the first 24 hours we filled our allotment of 3 night room reservations (Thurs, Fri and Sat). Accordingly, we have expanded it a bit. If you found that the website said it was "sold out" try again ( and you should find it is now available. If you want to do anything outside of the structure of the website offering please call the hotel directly at 410-266-3131 and ask to speak with Chris Foster.  For example, if you want to reserve 4 nights, she can set that up manually (you will find that Wednesday is at a cheaper rate.)
For the other hotels, the following interactive Google Map will allow you to click on the location and go directly to the hotel's website for 1993 if it is available. Again, for any reservation needs outside of the structure presented here -- please call the individual hotel directly:

Note: 1 hotel has been added since the last email. Hilton Garden Inn - rate $149/night

Finally, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email me directly.

Go Navy,

Kit Vallhonrat
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