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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 09:08

Class President, Joe Moreno, hosted a web broadcast on Tuesday, 10/1, to pass along information about our reunion this weekend and answered a number of questions. You can view the archive online at

A number of questions has come up about the upcoming reunion this weekend:

Q. With the government shutdown, is the reunion still happening?

A. Absolutely. A few events may required some small changes, but the majority of events will continue as scheduled. The tailgater may be interesting without a football game, but it is still on!


Q. Where is the location of the Friday evening reception?

A. At the N* Room banquet hall at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium


Q. Is the Friday evening event "kid friendly"?

A. Yes!


Q. Will the mid store be opened this weekend with the government shutdown?

A. As of Wednesday, 10/2, the mid store will be open.


Q. What is the dress attire for the reunion events?


Friday's Parade

Anything comfortable. It's forecast to be unseasonably warm!

Friday's Dinner

Friday's dinner is at the "N Room" in the Navy/Marine Corps Stadium and the attire is "dressy casual." Busses will run between the hotel and the stadium.

A cocktail-length dress for the ladies and khakis/slacks with a button-down dress shirt for the men. Tie or jacket is optional. I will be wearing slacks with a dress shirt (no tie) and sports jacket.

Some of us will be chasing after little ones all day on Friday and may be coming to dinner directly from the Yard, etc. so the key is that you're comfortable. You're not going to be turned away for improper attire.

Sunday's Memorial Service

For Sunday's memorial service please wear what's appropriate for religious services (i.e. dress shirt and slacks or nice jeans). Military participants can wear semi-formal / Summer White / Dress Blue “D.” I realize that most of us will have already checked out of our hotels and are going straight from the memorial service to the airport with little ones in tow. So, again, dress comfortable.


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