I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to run for Class President. Being a member of ’93 is one of my life’s proudest accomplishments, and giving back to our Alma Mater is a passion.

Upon graduation, I was one of two to inter-service transfer into the Active Army; in large part because I married a West Pointer I met on exchange to USMA 2/C year. The choice brought me two amazing children and a solid foundation of experiences; yet never affecting my USNA loyalty. After eight active duty years, I transitioned to the Army Reserve and then to the NH Air National Guard in 2004. While a drilling reservist, I spent seven years as a Nuclear Systems Operator for Seabrook Nuclear Power Station. In 2008, I joined the National Guard on a full time basis and still serve. Today, I am the commander of the 157th Mission Support Group, and hold national responsibility as Manager of the Commander Development Course—the Air National Guard’s O6 commander course.

Through the years, I have continually stayed engaged with USNA. From 1998 to 2018, I served as a Blue & Gold Officer—first in Germany and then in my home state of NH. I have also served on Service Academy Nomination boards for my district’s three congressional delegations since 2008. In the community, I am on the Board of Directors, and serve as Admissions Committee Chair, for the non-profit group Leadership Seacoast. I have also dedicated much of my time to my children—coaching basketball for six years, serving as the PTA Vice President, and as Treasurer for both the High School and West Point Lacrosse teams. With both children now out of the house, and with my Leadership Seacoast tenure expiring soon, I am eager and energized to throw my support behind our Naval Academy class.

In my personal life, I am the extremely proud parent of Michaela (22) and Stone (20). Both are at West Point—Michaela is a Firstie and Stone is a Plebe. I encouraged them in the Navy/Marine direction, but USMA accepted them first, and they chose Black over Navy Blue. I still find it in my heart to love them nonetheless!

If honored with our Class Presidency, I will strive to rekindle our class/school spirit, strengthen effective communication, and ensure that the Class of 1993 is viewed appropriately as the standard to which all other classes aspire. Go Navy!