Reunion Date has changed


Our class reunion date has changed one more (final) time to:
September 13 – 16, 2018 against the Lehigh Mountain Hawks (yes, that was our original plan, a year ago). There is currently no game, home or away, scheduled in August.

Why is this reunion so difficult? Why? Why? Why?
The answer is simple: After 134 years as an independent in football, the Naval Academy officially became a member of the American Athletic Conference about two and a half years ago. The reason for the conference change was that it gives Navy the opportunity to reach the most prestigious bowl games nationally under the postseason structure.

Why does the football conference change affect our reunion planning?
It affects us because the annual football schedule was nearly fully locked down a couple years in advance when we were an independent. This gave us (the reunion committee) the ability to lean forward and lock in ideal reunion venues, early. However, now that we're in a new conference we, as well as the other classes planning reunions, are all experiencing the growing pains of trying to plan our reunions either on short notice with few choices and deals, or else being whipsawed around if the game dates change as we've encountered twice for our 25th reunion. We are learning our lessons.

Joe, do you not realize how much this hoses up some of our plans?
Yes, I do. I truly do. This is our third go at planning our 25th reunion, but your reunion committee is charging ahead, albeit with great frustration. (Big thanks to Amy Garwood, wife of our classmate Casey Garwood, for shifting our contracts to the new date). However, I have some additional bad news...

What's the additional bad news?
We're cancelling our contract with the Loews Hotel as our HQ hotel for a couple reasons:
1. The Loews doesn't have enough rooms, on the new date, for it to make sense to use as a HQ hotels. (With the new reunion date, they offered us fewer rooms.)
2. The rates Loews offered us for the new date, since it’s short notice on a busy weekend, increased substantially (close to 2x the rates we were offered at other hotels we're considering, plus the Loews charges a fee for parking).

Is there more bad news?
Yes! The hits just keep coming. The Loews is planning to charge us a $28,215 contract cancellation fee. The good news is that you won't be charged additional pricing for reunion tickets to cover this fee. When the invoice comes in for this fee I'll instruct our class treasurer, Efren, to contact the Alumni Assoication for payment from our account. We're being charged this fee because we were 7 – 10 days past their 240 day contract cancellation cutoff. This is a spectacular oversight on my part. We began negotiating with the Loews almost a month ago, as soon as we found out the game date changed, but we ran into delays due to the holidays, blizzard, key people out of the office with the flu, etc. As I mentioned, this cancellation fee won’t cost you any additional price in our reunion tickets, so please be patient as I continue to work through this with the Loews. In the mean time, you’ll be happy to know that the rates we’re negotiating with other hotels are cheaper than the original rate we had with the Loews. 

What about my current Loews reservations for August?
This is urgent… If you made reservations with the Loews for August 2018 then, in order to complete the cancellation of our contract with the Loews, I'll need you to immediately contact the Loews and cancel your reservation.
You can cancel your Loews reservation two ways:
Online: Visit and enter your name and confirmation number. If you don't have your confirmation number then I can provide it to you, simply e-mail me and I’ll reply back with your confirmation number. Just make sure that your full name is in your e-mail. I occasionally receive e-mails from classmates with no name in the “From” part other than and a closing salutation of “Thanks, John.”
Telephone: Call the Loews at 410-263-7777 or 1-844-394-6341 and give them your last name and the dates of your reservation to cancel.
It's imperative that you cancel your Loews reservation ASAP to complete the cancellation of our contract. The sooner this is completed, the better.

Will the reunion date change again?
No, no, no. Not on my watch. We are committed to September 13 – 16, 2018 along with the classes of 1978 and 1998. As a matter of fact, '98 will be tailgating right next to us by the '53 Pavilion. As an added bonus, the Medal of Honor Society will be in town for their convention along with more than 50 Medal of Honor recipients – so, I’m sure we’ll bump into some great American heroes in the truest sense of the word. These Medal of Honor recipients will also be in attendance at the parade and football game leaving me to speculate that the game date won’t change again.

Ok, so what's the plan for our 25th reunion?
Our reunion plan venues should remain the same.
I’m reviewing the final contracts that I received, yesterday. Before the end of next week, I will have definitive word for you.
September 13-16, 2018
Thursday, Sept 13: No host social at our 25th reunion HQ hotel (HQ hotel is TBD).
Friday, Sept 14: Friday evening cocktail buffet at the N* Room at the stadium.
Saturday, Sept 15: 53 Pavilion & Class Ring NW tailgate.
Sunday, Sept 16: Memorial service (tentatively at the Levy Center) and brunch at Akerson Tower at the stadium.

Anything else?
Please be patient as I work through the details of our reunion plans and the final outcome with the Loews, in the mean time, cancel your reservations at the Loews.
Carpe Diem,
Joe Moreno