John Thomas Mattioli Jr. born September 17, 1970 reborn December 19, 2023.

John was a Teacher and Educator, he was brilliant, kind and he loved learning. He wanted to share his knowledge with everyone, and he had so many special interests. He had a love for bright colors, trying new foods, traveling, martial arts, boxing, triathlons, winter sports, reading, writing, literature, fishing, sailing, history, gaming, music, helping others, and art. He traveled the world and shared his learnings, touching many lives with his love for knowledge. He loved poetry and spent time in Thailand translating their cultures' important poetry works into English. This was just one of his many special and unique achievements. He also spent several years in the U.S. Naval Academy and earned his degrees from the University of Wisconsin Madison. His yearning for learning was just so great. He spoke 5 languages fluently and dabbled with many others. He played rugby in college and made many friends that he kept in contact with and held closely in his heart. He valued his friendships greatly and loved those around him unconditionally. His big, belly laugh and bright, cheerful smile will be remembered by many. He passed on many of his passions like rugby, puzzles and games, especially board games, to his nephews and niece. He influenced countless lives being the wonderful, natural teacher he was. He lived to serve others and to bring joy. His unconditional love and loyalty for others along with his fierce drive to do good for the world allowed him to reach places and have experiences most can only dream of. A life filled with experiences and raw adventure— John lived a life only a great, thoughtful man can.

John is loved by his parents, John Sr. & Caryl Mattioli, and his sister, Carey & Rahn Smith, and her children and grandchildren (Ryahn & Meg, Irelyn, Lilyana, and Rhett) (Zachary & Jenn, Ryndi) (Ryan & Cailee), and Aunt Patti & Uncle Jim Mattioli & family. John was a loving son, brother, nephew, friend, uncle and great uncle. May he rest in peace with his kitties (Hank, Delilah, MewMew) and other loved ones in heaven. His time on earth was deeply magical and his kindness was otherworldly.!/Obituary